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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Current Areas of Study

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Monolayer h-BN for single-photon source

Synthesis and characterisation of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride. Here, we optimize the synthesis procedure to synthesize monolayer and double-layer h-BN to use them as single-photon sources in UV range. Recently, we have been successful in synthesizing double-layer h-BN.

Solid state supercapacitors

Low Dimensional materials and molecular systems for Solid State Supercapacitor. The goal is to have complete control over material parameters and fabricate the micro-supercapacitors. 

Organic quantum dots based flexible sensors

Carbon QDs-based memristors for sensing, resistive switching, and neuromorphic application. We synthesize carbon quantum dots from materials having rich carbon sources such as bio-waste or edible sources.  Sensors will be designed on flexible substrates.

Electronic properties of doped 2-D materials

The fabrication of low-dimensional materials with tunable properties for resistive switching and sensing. We use the CVD technique to synthesise low-dimensional materials and tune the electronic properties by the doping process.  This project is funded by DST-INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP.

Low-dimensional materials & molecular systems

We design and synthesize low-dimensional materials for RRAM and use them for fabricating artificial synapses for Neuromorphic applications. Further, we also try to understand the effect of the material's dimensionalities on synaptic applications. Devices based on molecular systems are also studied for their electrical characteristics.

Thin-film heterostructure based devices

Synthesis of insulator materials and fabrication of thin-film heterostructure based devices for RRAM and neuromorphic applications. We study the conduction mechanisms through the interfaces of various layers in the heterostructure. We try to optimize the film deposition parameters and understand its effect on the electrical characteristics of the device.

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