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Welcome to NeoSMaRT


Welcome to the Nanoelectronics Systems & Materials Research Team led by Prof. Ramesh Thamankar!

We focus on nanoscale materials (both inorganic and organic) which are at the heart of nanotechnology for future technological applications. To use the low dimensional materials for future technological applications, a complete scientific understanding of chemical, physical, and electrical properties is essential. Our research group designs new materials to understand their fundamental properties, and proposes ideas for technological applications.

The main focus of our research is to design new materials in low dimensions (2D, 1D and 0D) and explore possibilities to use them in nanoelectronic devices such as switching devices, sensors, and quantum devices. We attempt to establish the correlation between the properties of materials to their dimensions (structure–property relations). It has been established now that lower dimension materials give various possibilities to optimize the device characteristics by means of stacking the materials on top of each other (Heterostructures). Our group works on such heterostructures using two-dimensional materials.

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